Steak Crostini with Horseradish Cream


If you’re looking for a steak appetizer that’s both elegant and indulgent, then this steak crostini with horseradish cream recipe is for you. Easy to make, elegant & a guaranteed favorite.


Boneless Ribeye  Sour Cream Horseradish Apple Cider Vinegar Mayonnaise Salt Chives Worcestershire Sauce Black Pepper Baguette Olive Oil Rosemary Garlic Butter

Steak Crostini with Horseradish Cream


4 people




35 minutes



Add sour cream, horseradish, vinegar, mayo, salt, chives, worcestershire sauce,  and black pepper to a bowl & mix. Set aside.

1. Make Horseradish Cream

Slice baguette into 12 ½-inch slices. Brush both sides with olive oil and place on a baking sheet. Toast for 2 minutes on each side or until golden brown.

2. Make Crostini

Remove ribeye from fridge 30 minutes before cooking. Pat steak dry with a paper towel. Season generously with kosher salt.

3. Prepare Steak

Heat cast-iron skillet over high high heat for 4 minutes. Add oil then add steak. After 2 minutes, flip steak. Repeat this step until cooked to preferred doneness.

4. Cook Steak

Remove steak from skillet and place on a wire rack to rest for 6 minutes. After resting, slice into ½ inch thick pieces.

5. Rest Steak & Slice

Top crostini with a slice of ribeye. Add a dollop of horseradish cream and finish with freshly cracked pepper and chives. Done!

6. Assemble Crostini

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