by Jeri Mobley-Arias
jeri mobley arias

Hi–I’m Jerildine.
Welcome to Whisper of Yum!

I’m the content creator, writer, and food photographer behind Whisper of Yum. I’m a California native currently based in Los Angeles, and this little corner of the internet is dedicated to foods that inspire me. I love getting creative in the kitchen and sharing my tried and true creations with you.

This blog has been a long time coming. While studying nutritional sciences and dietetics in college, the early hobby of cooking and taking pictures of food developed into a passion for understanding food on a granular level.

Food has always been the focal point during my travels, family gatherings and even while eating...

…I’m always thinking about what to eat next. I’m eager to test and try new flavors, try the best new restaurants In LA with my husband, and glean inspiration from these experiences. 

With that, I created this repository of my go-to, simple-ish recipes I whip up for fam and friends. 

Here at Whisper of Yum, I  keep it simple and provide the necessary details and sometimes add a little food science in there, too.

Whisper of Yum focuses on approachable recipes that are inspired by my heritage, travels, and dining experiences.

My recipes are flavorful, approachable, creative, comforting, and fit for everyone.

jeri mobley arias

I get down on making all sorts of eats, especially Filipino dishes from my childhood, oh–and soup (regardless of the season). 

I don’t subscribe to any particular diet or deter from any food categories. Put simply, I vet ingredients to ensure it’s sans the junk. I believe in balance and the summative parts of whole foods contribute to the well-being of the individual.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the content.


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